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Tumblr Is The New Black

September 11th, 2011 by Diana

Looks like the fashion industry has taken a liking to, or is it the other way around?  Since its inception four years ago, has given more attention to the fashion industry than any other social media platform.  Of course with tumblr’s high res and photo based blog templates, its easy to see why.  This year’s fashion week was particular tumblr-ed.  On Fashion’s Night Out last Friday night, tumblr set up a photo booth for folks to have their photo taken in, which was then posted onto

Another reason why many industries and bloggers are using tumblr is because its so easy to use.  Tumblr offers a plethora of apps including blogging directly from your cell phone or recording your voice which is then entered as content into your blog.  This makes it the ideal blog for anyone with a busy lifestyle, i.e. anyone in the fashion industry.

Fashion Designer, Stefano Gabban, primarily blogs from taking photos on his phone and uploading them to his tumblr site  Tumblr has also been embraced by designers, photographers and many others working in a visually based medium.  Why?  Its nice to look at!  There isn’t too much content and any photos uploaded onto tumblr are going to look fantastic!  Check this blog out and see for yourself;  Its also wired with google analytics so when you build a tumblr site its going to be seen.

However, tumblr has been getting into some trouble with the fashion industry by asking a large sum for page posts.  This has mostly been looking bad for tumblr because they have spent their time helping the fashion industry and now it seems they’d been doing this for profit.  Whats more, Ramana Kia, Head of Digital Marketing at Starworks Group, recently advised to avoid any paid partnership between a client and Tumblr.  He goes to recall several instances in which heads at Tumblr failed to recognize his own social marketing firm (one of the largest) as well as being rude within business correspondence.  He calls it a lack of empathy and reminds us:

“The inability to be empathetic is in fact one of the key differentiators between individuals who are considered to suffer from social communication disorders such as Autism and those who are considered to be normal.”

However, for any free use of tumblr this social platform is terrific.  Read more from Ramana Kia on his blog

For further reading on this topic check out:

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No End To Great Start Ups

August 29th, 2011 by Diana

This morning I was looking through the Tech articles in the New York Times and found one about some really excellent start ups.  They were such fun to check out that I thought they may help you consider your start up.  Each start up also has really great websites so make sure to check them out below.  You’ll also find the New York Times article by Jenna Wortham below.

OK here we go.

The first is TaskRabbit.  Leah Busque, chief executive of TaskRabbit describes her business as “service networking, rather than social networking.”

TaskRabbit is a San Francisco based service/networking site that allows folks to post the tasks they need done (picking up laundry, groceries, kids) and find trustworthy task doers (ie rabbits) to do your tasks for a small fee.  If this doesn’t totally make sense, check out their video.

Another start up mentioned is Zaarly, which helps you sell, buy and trade things and services.  Both TaskRabbit and Zaarly are efforts to help you get stuff done and connect with people in your neighborhood.  Which is pretty great.  How many of us actually know our neighbors these days?

These start ups have found a way to couple the physical necessities of our age (like help completing chores and errands) with the emotional needs plaguing us all (like getting to know our neighbors).  Its also a great way for those out of work to pick up a bit of cash here and there. If you’ve got your own start up, check out the simplicity of these.  Their sites are super simple and mixed with plenty of humor something that will at least get you the attention of the New York Times.

Let us also go over reasons why this economy is the perfect climate for start ups.  These tips are from Jason Cohen’s post from last December, which you can find below.

Jason says:

  • Low Opportunity Cost
  • Cheap Talent
  • Cheap Stuff
  • Eager Customers

are just a few reasons to consider a start up of your own today!

Further reading and exploring:

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End of Jobs

August 25th, 2011 by Diana

No, this is not about the unemployment rate.  However if you’re interested, New York’s unemployment benefit claims for this week was 5,047.  Read more about that here.

This post is about the monumental resignation of Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple.  Steve Jobs has been struggling with a rare form of Pancreatic Cancer since 2004, and has been on medical leave since January of this year.  In his resignation letter to Apple’s Board this week he wrote “I always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know.  Unfortunately, that day has come.”

Jobs also announced that Apple’s former chief operating officer Tim Cook will be Apple’s new CEO and Jobs will have a new role as Chairman of the Board.

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Apple, and has launched some of the most exciting technologies this side of Mars.  A few being; the iPod, iLife, MacBook, iPhone and the iPad.  All of these technologies revolutionized computers and our relationship to them.  Not only that, but Apple has changed the way we look at start ups and inspired a generation of innovators. Apple has created an image of friendship and well being for their customers, products, and employees.  An image that seems to be authentic from the words of Jobs and his successor Tim Cook…not to mention hundreds of Apple employees and tech fans.

Art Levinson, Chairman of Genentech, said “Steve’s extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company.  As Chairman of the Board, Steve will continue to serve Apple with his unique insights, creativity and inspiration.”

This change over comes at an exciting time for American computer companies.  According to the New York Times, HP announced that it was considering “offloading its PC business.” This means that only two PC makers would be left in the US.  One is Dell, the other Apple.  Dell is struggling, Apple is not.  Which means that in a few years, Apple may be the only PC maker left in the US.

With the emotional and supportive switch from Jobs to Cook, Apple’s growth will most likely continue to reshape how we think about computers.  And Apple may become the only PC makers in the US.  This switch over has been moving and it’ll be exciting to see the future of this company and how it continues to innovate business and technology.

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Employment and Social Media

July 22nd, 2011 by Diana

Think social media is just a fun way to swap stories between friends?  Think again.

A terrific article popped up in the New York Times yesterday about employment and social media that may make you reconsider your Internet presence.

The article began by introducing a California-based recruiting office called Social Intelligence.  Social Intelligence does background checks via social media on prospective employees for hiring businesses.  This is definitely a modern approach to background checks and has some people questioning the privacy rights searches like this may abuse.  Social Intelligence says they are looking for signs that a prospective employer may have a drug abuse problem, history of violence or a show active signs of racism, prejudice, sexism, etc.  They are not looking for any personal information or snooping.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions Office in Houston was quoted in the article saying “Things that you can’t ask in an interview are the same things you can’t research,” and the Times reminded us that this “includes the gamut of information covering a person’s age, gender, religion, disability, national origin and race.”

So if you’re looking for a job or an employee, think about how you’re coming across on these websites.

Social media has been controversial since its inception.  Its integration into business has become more so.  Beyond basic privacy rights, some businesses wonder if using social media for internal business communications is helpful or harmful.  Well, many Australian businesses have totally embraced social media as a means of communication.  In fact, Australians are avid users of social media, and they trump the US and the UK for hours spent on social media websites.  They’ve also found a way to make it work for  business.  What they’ve done is set up social media websites for business only, so employees don’t get side tracking peeking at their crushes on Facebook.

One social media site the Australians have created is called Deloitte.  It looks exactly like Facebook, so its familiar, and its focused for business practiced only.

Whether you’re with it or against it, its very clear that social media is here to stay…and it could help your business and career.  So whether you’re looking for a job, or have a job, think of ways social media can help (not hinder) your workplace.

Read more at:

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Showing up on Google…an oldie but a goodie…

July 19th, 2011 by Diana

Hello folks!

Now if you’re reading this blog, you probably already understand the importance of showing up on Google’s search engine.  Google is with a doubt the most used search engine out there so you want to do what you can to make sure you’re showing up on top.

The great thing about Google is you really don’t need a lot of money to show up on their rankings, you just need some savvy, skills and preparation.  The very enthusiastic and smart software engineer Matt Cutts lays out ways your business can rank higher on Google.  Check out this video and learn more.  Enjoy!

Inspiration for this post came from:

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Living in a post-Skynet world.

April 20th, 2011 by kbizwebwiz

All right, so technically we’ve been well past the original date when Skynet was due to become self-aware. According to the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, our robot overlords took over on August 29, 1997. But, with all the time travel and shuffling around within the franchise, the latest date was reset to April 19, 2011, when Linda Hamilton was replaced by Lena Headey (and do you need to have the initials “L.H.” to be Sarah Connor, or what?).

Granted, this is all fiction, brought to us by James Cameron. But fourteen years ago, it felt like pure sci-fi. Sentient robots? Really? You wanna beam me up, too?

However, this is the age of iTunes and instant streaming Netflix. Think about it, your television can recommend other shows you might like. Google can suggest things you probably wanted to search, even if you can’t spell. We have cars that can wake you up if you’re dozing off and even vehicles that can parallel park themselves.

This is by no means a call to rally the troops and form a resistance. Besides, we’re not even sure which John Connor to call.

We can, however, revel in the fact that technology has skyrocketed in the past decade. We’ve become more interactive, well beyond the days of DOS prompts and monochrome monitors. We’ve become ultimately more social, keeping tabs on each other, across the room, the state, the country, the world. We’re even Tweeting from space.

Technology isn’t a fad. The internet isn’t going to fade out any time soon. Social media isn’t just for college kids. We’ve adapted and we’re making continual progression, each and every day. So, don’t take that iPhone or Droid for granted. It’s a pretty amazing piece of tech. And, maybe you should get it that nice cover it’s been asking for. Juuuuust in case.

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